Playlists 🎶

Not only is this a platform for “Creating Change Through Conversation”, but now a platform where we’ll begin to be able to share. In this moment, it’s sharing our music with one another. Music that makes us dance, makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us Zen.

Each week a member of the community’s playlist will be featured on the BecomeOne Project Facebook page and will be added to our new BecomeOne Project Spotify Channel! It’s A community of playlists. Each individual. But each with the intention to help another move through the human experience. It’s BecomeOne. And we can’t wait to hear the playlists that come through! Whatever helps you through this human experience, most likely will at least help one other. So click here to submit your playlist 👇…/1FAIpQLSdh15Hkkyi…/viewform…

Week One: Meditative Chill by Anita S.

Week Two: Cry It Out by Angelica D.

Week Three: Everyday Jams by The Kirby/Bland Family

Week Four: Strength and Guidance by Antoine W.

Week Five: Hype! by Adrian L.